4 Liquid Mirror Powder Coral

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4 Liquid Mirror Powder Coral

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4 Liquid Mirror Powder Coral 8 g

Coral Mirror

A real treat for women who love shades of pink and peach - Coral Mirror liquid powder from Slowianka Nail Trends. A mirror chameleon that sparkles with absolutely all the colors of the rainbow, especially the beautiful, warm, pink peach. Depending on the angle of light, we will also see shades of aquamarine, gold, copper, fuchsia and even blue. Poetry of colors on nails.

- liquid dust with a very high concentration - guarantee of product efficiency, - watery consistency,
- after application, the liquid evaporates quickly and only dust remains on the nail,

- high pollen fineness; after rubbing into the structure of the top, it creates a perfectly smooth mirror surface without any visible particles, the so-called pixels (these are visible in the case of pollen with high particle gradation),
- volatile nature - the liquid evaporates quickly, which is a great advantage of the application, - make sure to close the pollen container tightly to protect against evaporation or spillage,
- chameleon - shimmers with various colors, with the dominant color being peach,
- different appearance of the dust depending on the color of the background on which it is applied; the dominant color stands out most clearly on a dark background,
- a delicate, light scent that is absolutely not unpleasant,
- while working, be careful not to touch or dirty the cuticles,
- styling lasts about 3-4 weeks,

How to use:

- we prepare nails using a selected method tailored to the client's needs, - we choose any color we want to apply the powder to,
- apply a given color, cure according to the instructions and gloss with a top coat,
Note: Precisely protect the entire color surface with the top coat, using the Magic Brush 7 from Slowianka Nail Trends in the cuticle zone. In the central part of the plate, apply a little more product and turn your finger so that the top can be nicely leveled. This is important because the mirror chameleon requires a smooth surface without any protrusions.

- put it in the lamp for 15-30 seconds (depending on its power and degree of wear); we recommend using the Long Lasting Top Coat from Slowianka Nail Trends, but it can also be a regular Top Coat No Wipe from Slowianka Nail Trends,
- apply the dust on a hot top, shake the bottle first, as the dust may fall slightly,

- gently spread the dust on the nail (on the top surface) in the same way as a hybrid color: first the central part, then the left and right sides,
- we try not to collect too much pollen, it has a fibrous structure and can flood the cuticles, which is difficult to clean later;

- we check whether there are any empty spaces on the surface that need to be filled in to maintain even pollen distribution,
- after finishing the application, close the pollen container tightly so that the liquid does not evaporate,

- rub the dust into the top with a glove to create a mirror effect, or you can also use a silicone puppet; We do not recommend sponge applicators with large pores, as they are very difficult to apply pollen,
- we work with movements towards ourselves, i.e. towards the free edge, avoiding the cuticle zone so as not to touch or get them dirty, we take care of the cleanliness of the work,

- once we have achieved the appropriate mirror effect, we use the Penguin brush from Slowianka Nail Trends with very soft nylon bristles to remove any trace particles that may remain on the skin; We do not recommend hard and stiff brushes because they will scratch off the pollen,

- we gently file the front of the nail from the bottom with File 240 and close it with Polisher 240, then gently dust off the tip itself,
- apply Top Long Lasting from Slowianka Nail Trends with a slightly higher viscosity, which more protects the fronts against abrasion, spread it over the entire surface of the nails and we apply it to the cuticles with a thin Magic Brush 7 from Slowianka Nail Trends; we wait a while until it levels out,

- put it in the lamp and cure for 2 minutes,
Recommendation: we use separate tops to protect pollen, as the microparticles of the product may stick to the brush and end up inside the container
- apply Silk Repair Serum from Slowianka Nail Trends to the cuticles or moisturize them with olive oil.


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