427 Claret Ink 8g

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427 Claret Ink 8g


427 Claret Ink 8g

Perfect for floral nail decorations - a deep, broken claret. Irreplaceable for painting flower buds, which are one of the more popular directions of watercolor decoration. The unusual lightness and delicacy of this type of decorations makes them very popular in salons.


  • alcohol based;
  • watery consistency - be careful not to tip the bottle over and spill the product;
  • the pigment is extremely strong - very difficult to wash off surfaces;
  • great savings: thanks to Thinnerink 199 from Slowianka Nail Trends, which dissolves ink, the pigment left after alcohol evaporation is still easy to work with;
  • inks come in dark colors; for decorations on white, light and pastel nails;
  • ink work is possible in two ways: directly from the bottle or, in case of advanced decorations, with dry pigment;
  • in order to obtain precise, thin lines, pour the ink into a separate container. Wait until alcohol evaporates, and only pigment remains on walls. Take a brush soaked with Thinnerink 199 from Slowianka Nail Trends, scoop up the product from the walls and make a decoration;
  • remember to close the bottle tightly each time so that the alcohol does not evaporate;


427 Claret Ink 8g

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