482 Universe Dust gel polish 8g

kr 179,00

482 Universe Dust gel polish 8g482 Universe Dust gel polish 8g




482 Universe Dust gel polish 8g

Color 482 Universe Dust from the Esthetic Line collection from Slowianka Nail Trends is the perfect choice for a timeless style with a natural look. The subtle, translucent white shade with sparkling flecks, reminiscent of stardust, gives nails an iridescent effect.

It works perfectly with natural nail bases and for finishing gel and acrylic nails.

The semi-transparent formula subtly blends with the natural nail, camouflaging the crescent. The creamy texture makes application easy, creating the perfect light reflection.

High UV blocking ensures beautiful nails for 3-5 weeks.

Color will not yellow or fade.


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