5 Liquid Mirror Powder Gold

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5 Liquid Mirror Powder Gold

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5 Liquid Mirror Powder Gold

Gold Mirror
A brilliant solution from Slowianka Nail Trends - liquid dust with a wonderfully mirror- like chameleon glow. A real hit among powders with a mirror effect, which will charm every stylist with its advantages and beautiful shine. This is an innovative product that allows you to forget about dust scattered during application, a dirty workplace and wasted time. Liquid dust is a guarantee of cleanliness, and the only thing that will shine in the salon now are the client's nails. But it is not everything. The product is very efficient and wears out much slower than regular dust. The application itself is much faster and much easier, saving us time. Their great advantage is also high abrasion resistance. A sensation that cannot be missing in your living room.
The Liquid Mirror Powder collection consists of five mirror powders in wonderful chameleon versions. One of the peculiarities of this line is Gold Mirror from Slowianka Nail Trends - a smooth surface shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow with a dominant shade of yellow gold. The dust does not have 100% coverage, so it looks slightly different on dark and light backgrounds. Works wonderfully with French and Baby Boomers.

Timeless gold for unique styles.


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